I have been in the Automotive business for over 41 years, 27 of those 41 years I have been performing the art of Paintless Dent Removal (no paint method). We are a leader in the Paintless Dent Removal business in this area  I am the first and original PDR company in this area! My values include honesty and integrity in everything that I do. I want to satisfy my customer with superior quality, value, and service. I remove small dings, dents creases, large dents, hail damage, body line damage, and push to paint. We have the latest tooling and processes to have your vehicle repaired in a timely and affordable manor. I am fully insured and have very clean and updated shop. I do not use any fillers or paint, allowing for minimum repair time and increased vehicle value. I can save you hundreds of dollars and time over conventional body shop repairs! I will insure you get top quality and customer service. Please do not choose your PDR company on price alone, choose on reputation and referrals. No matter how inexpensive the repair, it will not make up for a quality repair and most cases you only have one shot at fixing your dent to your expectations and mine. I have earn a great reputation in removing dings, dents, hail damage. My purpose is to provide you with exceptional product without sacrificing quality at a reasonable price. It’s not a job to me, IT’S MY PASSION! Thank you for choosing Clark’s Automotive Restyling, call 419 784 6326

We Pride Ourselves In Our Knowledge Of Paintless Dent Removal To Get Your Vehicle Back On The Road.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the reality of God the Father, Jesus the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit, we want to encourage people to find and follow Jesus. To be an example of a truly Christian company.

To faithfully apply the talents and abilities the Lord has given to us, in order to serve you, our customer. If your experience with Clark’s Automotive Restyling reflects these statements, please give credit and glory to God. If it doesn’t please let me know, so we can fix the problem.

Thank You,
Barry Clark

Why Choose Clark's Automotive Restyling?

Paintless Dent Removal is a tedious process, in which demands a lot of patience and a great amount skill and 1000’s of hours of practice. We are the original PDR company in the area, we have been performing PDR for over 27 years, not to mention that we’ve been in the automotive aftermarket business for over 41 years. I know how to remove and reinstall interior body panels perfectly. There are no short cuts, our service is done in a timely manor and very cost effective. Every job is done to my high standards. I have enjoyed muscle cars for many years and know how to take care of them and will treat your car the same way. I have many classic car owners bring their cars to me to have dings, and dents removed . Customers bring their vehicles from all over Northeast Ohio,West Central Ohio, and North East Indiana. I am the only one who will be working on your vehicle. The integrity of your vehicle is very important to me and I will perform the very best repair possible. If your not satisfied, you owe me nothing! PDR is not just a job to me, its my PASSION!

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